Orthofit provides complimentary consultations to all patients. In order to achieve a successful outcome in the prosthetic fitting, gait analysis, skin tolerance, manual muscle, and range of motion testing is performed.




  • Post-op Prosthetic Care

          Initial Consultation
          Educational Information
          Stump Shrinkers

  • Above the Knee Prosthetics

  • Below the Knee Prosthetics

  • Upper Extremity Prosthetics





Each device will be different, depending on the level of your amputation, physical ability, and needs. Your prosthesis can look however you want it to. From the purely functional look of the mechanical parts, to a cosmetic cover that looks like a naturallimb. If you choose, you can make a statement and have your socket covered with your favorite team's logo or accessorize it with your favorite color or pattern!





We offer a wide range of custom and prefabricated orthotics including:

- Upper Extremity Orthotics

- Lower Extremity Orthotics

- Spinal Orthosis

- Compression Garments

- Diabetic Shoes
  (click here for more information on Diabetic Shoes)




“OrthoFit has made the biggest difference in my son's life. During the initial consultation I knew that I had come to the right place. They listened and answered our questions and were a partner through the whole process. They even came out to our home! You will not find personal care like this anywhere else.”

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